FRAW News Updates – July 2018 – December 2018

July 2018 – Final visits this academic year by Cramond Primary P7’s to plant and care for wild flower project at Cockle Mill – see Newsletters.

August 2018 – Second stage of clearance of saplings etc in stretch of path down from Cramond Brig to improve vistas of the river.

October 2018 – Brush cutting around trees in Community Woodland

October 2018 – Impromptu and well attended work party to clear large infestation of Himalayan balsam and associated clearance above river from Fair-a-Far

October 2018 – Work Party above car park towards Fair-a-Far to clear rock-face, ground cover, vegetation and leaves.

November 2018 – Meeting held by Parks & Greenspaces Service with FRAW, Sustrans & Consultants SWECO to discuss outline design for Salvesen Steps replacement and agree programme and finance for next stages of work required to take the project forward – see Newsletter.

November 2018 – New Botanical Board installed by Peggy’s Mill

November 2018 – Bulb planting by select band of volunteers in newly cleared ground above School Brae car park

December 2018 – Second flight of steps installed up to Community Woodland – see Newsletter.

December 2018 – Boat organised by FRAW to facilitate environmental survey of rock-face by Sustrans at Salvesen Steps prior to other work taking place