FRAW News Updates – January 2019 – June 2019

January 2019 – Meeting organised for local groups to discuss with CEC plans to remove Dowie’s Weir to improve fish passage -a last minute response to a long-term request for information.

January 2019– Dowie’s Exhibition held at Cramond Maltings. Members and local groups asked to attend and comment.

January 2019 – Meeting with Christine Jardine MP to discuss Dowie’s Mill proposal.

February 2019 – FRAW Dowie’s submission sent to CEC stating that to avoid the many problems with the proposed option that no work should be agreed until a better and cheaper alternative to retain the weir was properly investigated.

February 2019 – Well attended work party took place in Community Woodland to open up south end by clearing and burning brash barrier that had collected there – more to be done.

February – March 2019 – Salvesen Steps – specialised forestry team clears band of vegetation from rock-face using ropes and boats to enable the next stage of a LiDAR survey prior to design work.

March 2019 – FRAW advised that over 140 Dowie’s submissions had been received by CEC and that these would be analysed prior to submission to the appropriate council committee (May/Sept?)

April 2019 – FRAW AGM – 7.30 Cramond Kirk Hall.

April 2019 – Work Party to apply top dressing to newly laid path at Haugh Park

May 2019 – LiDAR survey of rock surface for Steps replacement by consultants SWECO

June 2019 – Work Party to weed & clear entrance at Cramond

June 2019 – Aggregate laid to improve paths at Peggy’s Mill & Dowies turning circle.

June 2019 – Council releases Dowies Weir consultation report

June 2019 – concern expressed to CEC at new sign in car park at School Brae