FRAW News Updates – July 2019 – December 2019

July 2019 – Second work party clearing entrance at Cramond

August 2019 – FRAW response to CEC Dowies consultation report

September 2019 – Meeting Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP to discuss Dowies Weir

October 2019 – Meeting with CEC with partner local groups to discuss Dowies Mill Weir – CEC agrees to consider alternative to their preferred option

October 2019 – Council replaces sign message at School Brae car park.

October 2019 – Submission sent to CEC detailing counter proposals for Dowies Weir.

October 2019 – Top dressing applied to new path surfaces at Dowies & Peggy’s Mill.

October 2019 – Meeting with SWECO to discuss progress on Steps. Costing information delayed until 26 Nov.

November 2019 – Last brush cut in Community Woodland to prepare for further path work etc

November 2019 – Work party to continue clearing and burning brash in Community Woodland.

November 2019 – SWECO meeting to discuss costings etc for Steps replacement.