Greetings and Happy 2021 to all our members!

Greetings and Happy 2021 to all our members!

Please accept our apologies for the lateness of this message – lots of excuses that we will not bore you with! Last year was difficult for so many but for some of us there was compensation provided by our living in such a lovely place. Let us hope that there is now some light at the end of the tunnel and that life will be able to open out progressively as the year advances.

For many charities and voluntary organisations 2020 was very challenging. For FRAW it was more disappointing and frustrating, as we were not able to take forward much of what we had in mind. Fortunately for us because of the generosity of our members, financial concerns have not been one of our worries. It is true that members have received ‘less bangs for their bucks’ last year, as the ungrammatical quote goes.

When work parties can resume remains up in the air but much of the Walkway is in reasonably good shape and extra growth can be dealt with in due course. However there has been a certain amount of progress made. We managed to hold a couple of good work parties and quite a lot of useful maintenance has been actioned by indivual members of our committee. To be more specific, this is mainly by our excellent work party leader John Crutchfield who will be awarded the FRAW Superman award. The ‘whale’ wood carving between Fair-a-far and the Salvesen Steps was also finally finished. As has been touched on previously, we continue to pursue the Salvesen Steps replacement and the Dowies Mill issues.

Things here are a little in a state of suspended animation as we await events and we will keep in touch as matters proceed.

With our very best wishes

The FRAW Committee