FRAW News March 2021

Important News – Dowies Mill Weir

Greetings to all members

We hope that you are keeping well and in as good spirits as

possible.  There are signs that we should before too long

start returning to what we at one time regarded as normal

something to look forward to.

Most of you will by now be only too familiar with the never-ending

Dowies Mill weir saga.  In a nutshell, the council s preferred

option for improving fish passage is to remove the weir with in our

view many deleterious consequences.  We have proposed the

alternative option of installing fish passage measures at the Weir

which would retain the much appreciated mill pond down river from

Cramond Brig, remove the many risks associated with the council s

option and be cheaper.


Recently what may prove to be a key event has taken place.

Back in November 2019 a meeting with the council was held where our

proposals were put forward in a team led by Andrew Mather of our

Community Council.   FRAW has been the lead group in the

Dowies concern but the active cooperation of our partner local

organisations has been vital in taking this forward and has greatly

added weight of our case.  This meeting was demonstrably very

effective as the council agreed to commission a new consultant s

investigation into our proposal.  Even more remarkable was

that this has actually taken place and that the report is

impartially put together.  We can and do of course take issue

with a number of items within it but it largely does the job and

recognises some central issues of our case in particular those

relating to cost and risks.  The report can be seen here..

A meeting was held on 19 February where the report was

presented.  Our representatives George Bee and John

Crutchfield represented us and local groups where once again their

professional experience and judgement served us well.  We have

now sent this response to the report 

which we trust fully covers our position on this important

matter.  Please let us know if you have any questions or

comments.  In addition if you can make any representations to

our political representatives this would be welcome.

Although there is no guarantee we hope for ultimate success.

The support we receive from our members makes this possible as it

is so important that we can demonstrate a wide public


Recently a membership renewal notice was sent out and we are delighted that so many of you continue to give us your support. This support is vital, as it sends a powerful message to the council and other organisations like SEPA and the Forth Rivers Trust during these challenging discussions. If you haven’t yet replied, it would be very helpful if you would continue to show that you remain with us and for what we are trying to achieve.

With our best wishes

The FRAW Committee