FRAW Trustees April 2021

FRAW Trustees

April 2021

Since it started in 2012, FRAW has worked tirelessly to maintain and improve the River Almond Walkway for the benefit of residents and visitors. Our Chair, Richard Adlington, helped to set up the group and his energy and enthusiasm have driven it (and us) forward ever since. Unfortunately, Richard has just advised us that he will be stepping down as Chair for family health reasons with immediate effect.

Most of the committee have worked alongside Richard for many years. We agree on many things, we disagree on a few things, but we always worked happily together to provide what we ultimately hope will be the best solution for the Walkway.

We will all miss Richard’s leadership, but we wish him, and his family, all the best during the coming weeks and months.

We had previously advised that John Kerr, was standing down as a Trustee and Secretary. With Richard’s announcement, it was felt that it was better if we did not lose two members of the committee at the same time, so John will remain a Trustee and has agreed to take over as Interim Chair.

FRAW will continue with all the pieces of work we were supporting before. We greatly appreciate all the support we get from our members, and we look forward to this continuing in future.

With best wishes
The FRAW Committee