May 2018
In mid-June a Work Party of volunteers from the RBS led by the Natural Heritage Service and FRAW will spread aggregate on the muddy sections of the path junction and car-park by Haugh Park and generally clean-out the Strathalmond section of the path.

May 2018
The order has been placed for the new botanical interpretation board to be located at Peggy's Mill and the plaque for Cramond Brig - we will advise when they are in place.

April 2018
The sapling removal was most successful with a well attended Work Party who (just about) managed to keep-up with Barry Smith's chain-saw work. It is hoped to continue further down the river in July

April 18 2018
Our next work party will be the 18th April, meeting at 10am at Dowies Mill near the weir. We will be using Barry Smith's skills with the chain saw to cut down some saplings along the river bank. The selected trees have been identified and agreed with the Forestry and Natural Heritage team within parks, Greenspaces and Cemeteries. They are primarily damaged or diseased and removal will give the remaining trees a better opportunity to thrive whilst still help give the river bank some structure.
[b]March 21 2018

Funding confirmed for interpretation board giving botanical details and information relating to Cramond Brig. This when installed will complete our long-term plan to introduce a coordinated programme of signs by the river.

March 2018
Our AGM was held on Monday 19 March - 7.30 - Cramond Kirk Hall - Well attended with over 40 members present. Newsletter distributed to members which is available to view on this site

February 14 2018
Work to install a new fish ladder at Fair-a-Far Mill complete after much delay and weather related problems. Properly re-instating the badly damaged path is now the priority.

January 2018
A well attended work party finished laying paths in the main section of the Community Woodland

Our Next Work Party
Our next work party will take place on Wednesday 22nd November. We'll meet at 10am at the Boatyard Entrance and will work along the path to the Falls Café, clearing the path of soil and leaf litter and cutting back vegetation from the sides of the path. If the weather is suitable, we'll set up a bonfire to burn some of the brash that has built up along that stretch.

August 2017
There have been several key changes to or Trustee Committee that have strenghtened FRAW. John Kerr has taken over as Secretary and Euan Drysdale has combined the roles of Treasurer and Membership Secretary. Unfortunately, we have also lost some expertise in running this website and it has not been updated as frequently as we would wish for the last couple of months. We now have this in hand and hope to up-date the various sections soon. However FRAW's activites have continued at a pace with for instance good work parties taking place maintaining the Walkway and starting the installation of paths in our Community Woodland Project. Much time and effort has also been absorbed by the closure of the Salvesen Steps and its replacement with a temporary structure - unfortunately delayed but now in place.

Keep up to date on F.R.A.W.'s activities
Join us for a walk along the river. 27 August meet at 2.00pm at Cramond Brig

Salvesen Steps


The Salvesen Steps along the River Almond Walkway are open again. ...more



Dear Members

We are now at the start of a new ‘Membership Year’ and we are asking existing members to continue to give us their valuable support of our work.

I have taken over the membership duties from John Kerr, who has dealt with the Membership up until now as he prepares for other tasks. His contribution and enthusiasm have been exemplary and we are most grateful to him for all his hard work over the last few years.

We are very grateful to all our members. Your subscriptions and generous donations have enabled us to buy the necessary equipment for work parties - tools, plants etc. Our volunteers have put in many enjoyable hours helping with work parties which enable us to improve and keep the Walkway attractive for everyone’s enjoyment.

All our members give us the support and encouragement to continue the work we do to maintain and improve the Walkway. We also continue to promote larger long-term projects such as replacing the Salvesen Steps, extending public access further up the river and ensuring that a good solution is found for improving fish passage on the weirs. Therefore the more members we have, the louder our voice becomes and the more likely it is that Councillors, Council Officials and other organisations such as funders will listen positively to what we have to say.

We hope you are pleased with the progress we have made to date, particularly our extensive tree planting project and are happy to support our plans for the future improvement of our Walkway.

May we also remind you of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting which takes place on Monday March 20th. 7.30. at Church Hall Cramond.

In that vein, may we also invite anyone who feels they could contribute to the running of the Organisation to consider putting themselves forward to join the Committee. There is some consolidation in Committee posts envisaged and therefore room for additional members who might add valuable input to our plans and activities.
Should you wish to come forward for election, please let us know before 18th March so that we can include an appropriate item in the AGM Agenda.

Please renew your membership today. Our status as a Scottish Registered Charity requires us to know the names of all our members, so if there is more than one member in a household, please let us know.

Membership subscription is held at only £2 per household but we are very grateful to those who augment this with a donation of a bit more, which always helps towards the work we do along the walkway.

Please also note that FRAW is now eligible for Gift Aid so your subscription and donation could be worth even more. If the person in your household who pays the subscription/donation currently pays UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the amount of the subscription/donation in the appropriate tax year, FRAW can reclaim the tax paid, currently 25p for each £1 given. Please complete the Gift Aid section when returning the form.

If, at any time, you wish to cancel the Gift Aid declaration, or you change your name or home address, or you no longer pay sufficient tax, please notify us as soon as possible.

Finally, membership is open to anyone who is interested in helping the group achieve its aims. If you know anyone who is not a member but would like to join, please encourage them to join us.

We look forward to your continued support.

Many thanks

Euan Drysdale



Our next work party will take place on Sunday 5th March. We will meet at the Cramond Boat Club entrance to the Walkway at 10am. ...more

Urgent Message to Members – Closure of the Salvesen Steps


We have been advised by Edinburgh Council that the Salvesen Steps will be closed to the public from today (Friday 20th January). ...more

Update on Salvesen Steps


14th May marked an important anniversary for the Steps being 50 years since their official opening following first the donation of the land and then the funds by Capt. Harold Salvesen of Inveralmond. The Council marked this event by closing the Steps due to their being unsafe. Coincidentally I am informed that at the same time the Almond Walkway was the Walk of the Week in Scotland on Sunday. ...more

Chairman's Message - December 2014


This year's message from Richard Adlington, FRAW Chairman. ...more

2014 Autumn FRAW Newsletter


The FRAW newsletter is now on our FRAW Documents page. ...more

FRAW becomes a charity


New message from our Chairman ...more

New Logo for our group


Our new logo will be appearing everywhere soon. ...more

December Message from our Chairman


A Memorable Milestone Achieved ...more

News for Members September 2013


To all members from our Chairman Richard Adlington ...more

River Almond Path refurbishment


Refurbishment of the River Almond Walkway from Haugh Park to Cammo Road. ...more



Friends of the River Almond Walkway
Newsletter March 2013 ...more

New Article regarding Invasive Species in the Documents Section


Our Secretary Isla Browning has written an excellent article that is being distributed amongst our members and other interested groups called "Control of plant species along the Almond."
We have now placed it in our F.R.A.W. Documents page on the website and will soon be placing it in the "About Us" section of the web site proper.
This will help to explain the reasoning for much of the work that we do along the river with our volunteer groups.

Councillor Shields meets members of the Committee


Councillor Alastair Shields, who was unable to attend the earlier meeting with the other councillors, met with three of committee to see and hear about all the good work being done by the Friends group. Councillors Shields saw some of the improvements we’ve made and also saw heard about the plans for bypassing the Salvesen Steps and the proposals to remove the Weirs at Fair-a-far and Dowie’s Mill. As with Councillors Work and Patterson, Councillor Shields was very supportive of what we are doing and, as well as offering his help and commitment in future, set out a couple of other ways we can communicate our wishes to the Council.

Local Councillors meet members of the Committee


Two of our local councillors, Lindsay Patterson and Norman Work, recently met with members of the committee to hear about all the good work being done by the Friends group. The councillors saw the improvements we’ve made already along the walkway, saw first-hand some of the challenges and issues we face and heard about the plans for bypassing the Salvesen Steps and the proposals to remove the Weirs at Fair-a-far and Dowie’s Mill. They both offered their support and commitment to help us going forward.

A meeting with Councillor Alastair Shields, who was unable to attend that day, has been arranged for December.

New Management Plan Link added to website


A link to the 10 year River Almond Walkway Management Plan, 2011-2020, has now been added to the web site. ...more



Report on the progress of The Friends of the River Almond Walkway (FRAW) November 2012 ...more

Extra funding received


Grant awarded from Edinburgh Airport Community Fund ...more



An important news update for all members, which can also be printed from the F.R.A.W. Documents page. ...more