FRAW News Updates – July 2019 – December 2019

July 2019 – Second work party clearing entrance at Cramond

August 2019 – FRAW response to CEC Dowies consultation report

September 2019 – Meeting Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP to discuss Dowies Weir

October 2019 – Meeting with CEC with partner local groups to discuss Dowies Mill Weir – CEC agrees to consider alternative to their preferred option

October 2019 – Council replaces sign message at School Brae car park.

October 2019 – Submission sent to CEC detailing counter proposals for Dowies Weir.

October 2019 – Top dressing applied to new path surfaces at Dowies & Peggy’s Mill.

October 2019 – Meeting with SWECO to discuss progress on Steps. Costing information delayed until 26 Nov.

November 2019 – Last brush cut in Community Woodland to prepare for further path work etc

November 2019 – Work party to continue clearing and burning brash in Community Woodland.

November 2019 – SWECO meeting to discuss costings etc for Steps replacement.

FRAW News Updates – January 2019 – June 2019

January 2019 – Meeting organised for local groups to discuss with CEC plans to remove Dowie’s Weir to improve fish passage -a last minute response to a long-term request for information.

January 2019– Dowie’s Exhibition held at Cramond Maltings. Members and local groups asked to attend and comment.

January 2019 – Meeting with Christine Jardine MP to discuss Dowie’s Mill proposal.

February 2019 – FRAW Dowie’s submission sent to CEC stating that to avoid the many problems with the proposed option that no work should be agreed until a better and cheaper alternative to retain the weir was properly investigated.

February 2019 – Well attended work party took place in Community Woodland to open up south end by clearing and burning brash barrier that had collected there – more to be done.

February – March 2019 – Salvesen Steps – specialised forestry team clears band of vegetation from rock-face using ropes and boats to enable the next stage of a LiDAR survey prior to design work.

March 2019 – FRAW advised that over 140 Dowie’s submissions had been received by CEC and that these would be analysed prior to submission to the appropriate council committee (May/Sept?)

April 2019 – FRAW AGM – 7.30 Cramond Kirk Hall.

April 2019 – Work Party to apply top dressing to newly laid path at Haugh Park

May 2019 – LiDAR survey of rock surface for Steps replacement by consultants SWECO

June 2019 – Work Party to weed & clear entrance at Cramond

June 2019 – Aggregate laid to improve paths at Peggy’s Mill & Dowies turning circle.

June 2019 – Council releases Dowies Weir consultation report

June 2019 – concern expressed to CEC at new sign in car park at School Brae

FRAW News Updates – July 2018 – December 2018

July 2018 – Final visits this academic year by Cramond Primary P7’s to plant and care for wild flower project at Cockle Mill – see Newsletters.

August 2018 – Second stage of clearance of saplings etc in stretch of path down from Cramond Brig to improve vistas of the river.

October 2018 – Brush cutting around trees in Community Woodland

October 2018 – Impromptu and well attended work party to clear large infestation of Himalayan balsam and associated clearance above river from Fair-a-Far

October 2018 – Work Party above car park towards Fair-a-Far to clear rock-face, ground cover, vegetation and leaves.

November 2018 – Meeting held by Parks & Greenspaces Service with FRAW, Sustrans & Consultants SWECO to discuss outline design for Salvesen Steps replacement and agree programme and finance for next stages of work required to take the project forward – see Newsletter.

November 2018 – New Botanical Board installed by Peggy’s Mill

November 2018 – Bulb planting by select band of volunteers in newly cleared ground above School Brae car park

December 2018 – Second flight of steps installed up to Community Woodland – see Newsletter.

December 2018 – Boat organised by FRAW to facilitate environmental survey of rock-face by Sustrans at Salvesen Steps prior to other work taking place

FRAW News Updates – August 2017 – June 2018

FRAW News Updates – August 2017 – June 2018

August 2017 – Temporary Salvesen Steps opened following demolition of old Steps six months previously.

November 2017 – Work Party to clear path and vegetation from Harbour to Cockle Mill

January 2018 – Second Work Party to lay woodchips on paths in Community Woodland

March 2018 – FRAW AGM – see Documents for Minutes & Annual Accounts

March 2018 – Small work party installs path drainage experiment up river from Fair-a-Far

April 2018 – Official opening of new fish pass at Fair-a-Far after six month construction period.

April 2018 – First stage by well supported work party of sapling removal etc down river from Cramond Brig to improve visas of the river.

June 2018 – Combined FRAW/RBS work party spread aggregate on path junction area by ‘Jock Howieson’s Cottage’

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FRAW News – Cramond Primary P7 Wildflower Garden

We’ve decided that, rather than our usual FRAW News which includes updates on virtually everything, we would try issuing ‘single subject’ FRAW News on a (hopefully) more frequent basis

The first of these is attached and is about the Wildflower Garden we created at Cockle Mill with the help of the two P7 classes in Cramond Primary. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this and believe it has been a great success.


201808 FRAW News.pdf